10th Edition - India, 7-14 October 2023

A Passage to Mastery for Gamechangers

(for men)

An 8-day Subtraction™ program for entrepreneurs, innovators, startupers, activists & changemakers called to disrupt the present and reshape the future.

(based on the process laid out in the international book, SUBTRACTION)

As an entrepreneur, innovator or emerging leader, are you seeking ways to make a meaningful impact in the world?As an activist or changemaker, do you want to contribute to creating a world that thrives and works for everyone?

The last decades, known as the Information Age, have shown that we can do wonders with the right combination of data, knowledge, intelligence (human and artificial) and resources. And yet, humanity is torn and divided on almost every subject; the economic divide is increasing, political polarization is getting extreme, democracy is in jeopardy even in first world countries, and ecological devastation is at an all-time high.

As long as you are attempting to be creative within the field of your conditioning, you cannot be creative.


Only by accessing the subtler and causal realms of the self, individually and collectively, can we awaken and integrate a different set of faculties that allow us to see new radical and altruistic ways forward.

  • How could you amplify your impact when you engage the subtle and causal self?

  • What would the infusion of intangibles like self-realization, meaning, purpose and fairness do to the creation of radical change?

  • What does the inclusion of sourcing, intuiting and sensing do to the thinking and sense-making in the Awareness Age?

These 8 days taught me that the best way I can change others and the world is through the example I set. I don’t need to talk. I don’t need to correct others! I need to lead by example.

Sagar, Disruptive leader

The journey of any world-changing venture is as much one of ideas, discoveries, business models and resources at its disposal as it is a story of the personal evolution of the key people championing it.This programme follows the SUBTRACTION™ process undertaken by legendary entrepreneurs, innovators and futurists like Einstein, Ramanujam, da Vinci and Gandhi. It is an inner journey before it becomes an outer one. Moving from good to great is more about who we are than what we do.By the 8th day, you would develop your Gamechanger’s Manifesto, which you would actualize into the radical and altruistic venture that will shape the next world.

Are you an entrepreneur, innovator, creative thinker, disruptive/heretic leader, activist, thought-leader, change-maker, or futurist who wants to:

  • make - or are already making - a meaningful impact in the world?

  • foster change in the social, political, economic, ecological, or other fields?

If yes, this 'rite-of-passage' is something for you. The mission of this programme is to create a new wave of change-makers and future-shapers by expanding the consciousness of the participants and re-sculpting their worlds.

I think perhaps the most important 8 days of my adult life for which I will be forever grateful.

Damian T., Business Leader

The programme

While the programme is highly subsidized, it is intense. 12 participants are carefully chosen into each cohort based on the foresight of their vision and the grandness of their aspirations as (future) innovators and change-makers.Each day we will start our (inner) journey at 07:00 am and end at around 07:00 pm. While the walk itself is leisurely (covering a few kilometres/day), the inner work is gruelling. The days are filled with a series of practices, processes, self-enquiries, peer-to-peer coaching to disrupt and innovate your being.

STAGE 1 - DEPARTURE In this phase, you will cross the threshold of the departure phase in your journey and examine your current paradigms.STAGE 2 - INITIATION: In this phase, you will enter into a realm of apprenticeship and vision-quest, explore higher paradigms for being, especially the ones espoused and practised by the legendary change-makers and futurists.STAGE 3 - ARRIVAL: In this phase, you will harness your boons and develop a blueprint of your future self, including the higher purpose and the 'standards of being' that you will embody in your new journey as a change-maker and futurist.

This program made a terrific difference to my persona with its structure and the full-spectrum powered intent of facilitators.

Vishwanath K., Business Mentor


Location: Narmada river, Gujarat, INDIADates: 7 - 14 October, 2023Number of participants: 12 [participants will be taken on a first-come-first-serve basis and based on the intake conversation].


Please, click on the button below and carefully respond to all the questions in the form.

(a brief meeting with the participant will be held to determine the fit with the programme). Please write to Fabio (me@fabiosalvadori.com) or Sujith (at sujith@sujithravindran.com) for more info.

I frequently wonder how a 8 day intense and simple process can change a person's life.

Jaikanth C, Founder, CEO, Edutech


This programme will be co-facilitated by Sujith Ravindran and Fabio Salvadori, co-authors of SUBTRACTION.SUBTRACTION lays out the science and mythology of BEING Innovators. It refutes the idea that it is a carefully crafted set of processes or advanced systems that enable paradigm-shifting innovations. Rather it is an inner rite-of-passage that turns one into an Einstein. That is at the core of SUBTRACTION.This walk is a carefully designed process that is thousands of years old and takes you through the methodology laid out in SUBTRACTION.


The programme is offered on a ‘COST + DONATION’ basis [the participants will cover their share of accommodation, food & other necessities]. The costs/participant are estimated to be around INR10000 (most of which will go to the local villagers).



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